A Malagon

Opw Project

My project for the OPW internship will be to add support for a class of statistical functions in Ceilometer, Openstack’s metering service. The functions I’m looking at are generally used when looking for trends over time, so things like moving averages and exponential smoothing. The initial blueprint for implementing these functions envisioned using the current statistics API and working with already supported drivers: mongodb and sqlalchemy. However, since the blueprint went out, there’s been work on a new project Gnocchi (see here as well), which both sounds delicious and has an exciting goal, which is to rethink the way Ceilometer stores and aggregates metrics. Right now the plan for Gnocchi is to implement data storage using Pandas and Swift; another option is to use a database optimized for time-series data, like InfluxDB. This project is pretty new, so there are a lot of details that need to be ironed out, but ultimately using Gnocchi will lead to better performance and scalability. My project has now shifted focus to looking at how to implement the statistical functions, described in the blueprint, for Gnocchi.